Where Did the Teacher Kiss the Mooser?

Don’t you think it’s a clever question? Did you notice that this ONE question, has MANY answers, and many of those answers have questions with answers too. Do you know what I mean?

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Why Did the Mommy Mooser Make the Marvelous Mouthwatering Messerts?

Oh this is a yummy one! It's a book full of recipes and features Auntie Antler JoJo Ginger Mooser Cookies. More marvelous messerts include Mooserdoodles and Reindeer Jiggler.

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[/hero_area][features] [feature_left name='Why Read the Moosers Book?' image='']This story inspires a love of words and reading through a series of imaginative answers to the same simple question, Where Did the Teacher Kiss the Mooser?[/feature_left] [feature_right name='Perfect for Classroom Reading' image='']Teachers of grades 2nd through 4th can read Where did the Teacher Kiss the Mooser? and keep kids entertained and learning.[/feature_right] [feature_left name='Great for ages 5-11' image='']The whimsical wordplay helps young readers learn synonyms and relationships between words while thought-provoking questions expand critical thinking skills through a gentle round of questions.[/feature_left] [/features][randomize category="Testimonials"] [who_is]

Who is Mooser?

Mooser is a delightful character who stars in all four of Jenet Cattar’s Mooser book series. The idea for the books was born when Amy, Jenet’s niece, needed a theme for her undergraduate degree in Elementary Education. She selected the moose. So, Jenet offered to write books for Amy’s 3rd graders and decided to create “Mooser” to support Amy’s theme.

The moral of the story is:

Most questions have more than one answer, they do, and Where Did the Teacher Kiss the Mooser? will show young readers how that can be true!

Other Books in the Mooser Series:

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About the Author

Jenet Cattar
Jenet Cattar, owner of Cattar Realty in Jacksonville Beach, wrote a book for her niece’s third grade class titled Where Did the Teacher Kiss the Mooser? The book has 21 answers to the question and is illustrated by the children in the class. Where Did the Teacher Kiss the Mooser? is a fun and educational book for school-aged children. [comic_sans]Contact Jenet at mooserbooks@gmail.com[/comic_sans] [/about]

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[charity] charity-book   50% of profits from the sale of this and the other books in the Mooser Series will be used to fund scholarships for reading. [/charity] [recent_press] heading_mooserOrigins

recent-press-imageMooser books are fun and educational

We all do silly things. But with technology today you never know who will take a photo of you doing that silly thing or what will happen with it. Amy Wall, who lives in Michigan, was on vacation in Chicago when she stumbled upon a cool sculpture of a moose on the Magnificent Mile and just had to give it a kiss. [button_toggle color="green" id="continue-reading" ]Continue Reading[/button_toggle] [hidden_text] “I found the moose in Chicago and took the picture, not realizing it was going to stem this idea,” said Wall. Wall’s aunt, Jenet Cattar, owner of Cattar Realty in Jacksonville Beach, had always enjoyed writing. When Wall, was studying for her bachelor’s degree in elementary education at Central Michigan University, she had to choose a theme. She chose the Moose because she had always liked that animal. When Wall started teaching third grade, Cattar had an idea. “Amy had a photo of herself kissing a Moose in Chicago on the Magnificent Mile and I said I’m going to take that picture and write book one all about Where Did the Teacher Kiss the Mooser?” said Cattar. She included such answers as “In Chicago”, “On the Magnificent Mile”, “In North America”, “On a Shopping Trip with her Aunt and Her Mom” and more. Wall had 21 children in her class that year so she came up with 21 answers to the question. Cattar flew to Michigan to talk with the children about her book and tasked them with choosing an answer and drawing artwork to support that answer. Wall sent the drawings to Cattar who then wrote text to support the drawings to be incorporated into the book. “I thought it was a great idea that she wanted to write for my class,” said Wall. “Moose is not part of our curriculum, but I have always liked moose and my students keep giving me them as gifts and it sort of just stuck.” Wall said her students loved being a part of illustrating the book. Since Cattar had not written a children’s book before, she did her research on what 3rd graders read and tailored her writing to suit them. She flew to Michigan and read the book to the children, who loved it. “Those kids were out of their minds excited,” said Cattar. “When I was reading the book, they could not get close enough to me. They were absolutely enamored.” The children don’t answer the questions, but Cattar said the book helps children to see that when they receive a question, it could have many answers. “The books are fun and educational,” said Cattar. She printed the books and bound them in her office and brought copies for each of the students in the class. But that didn’t suffice. Friends of the students, parents and other teachers started requesting books, so Cattar decided to get it published. She worked with High-Pitched Hum Publishing, in Jacksonville Beach, a cooperative publisher to publish her book, which is hot off the press. Cattar has written three more Mooser books in the Mooser Series: Why did Mommy Mooser Make the Marvelous Mouthwatering Messerts? Mooser’s Birthday Bash 2010 and The Marvelous Miraculous Mooser Mission: Naming Baby Mooser which will be available soon. She is also writing a book about her parents and a book about the crazy real estate industry. “All of my books are lighthearted, positive, fun and encouraging,” said Cattar. “It’s a great way for children to learn to read. They are written for third graders, but if you have children who are at a higher reading level, they could read it to their younger brothers and sisters.”[/hidden_text] [/recent_press]